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    At Sorry Mom you can expect a tattoo studio of a new kind. Arriving at this familyowned
    tattoo shop one is greeted by rustic wooden floors, high ceilings and an equally
    high standard of creativity and craft.

    The owners, Dennis and Sabrina, regard Sorry Mom as their “third baby”; taking great
    pride in the chance it has given them to realize a dream. They are excited to share that
    with you as soon as you walk through the doors. The bright and friendly studio creates an
    atmosphere where all feel welcomed and the open space feels more like a gallery. The
    only difference is; at the end of the day the customer walks out wearing the artwork.
    Personal consultations with the artists will leave you confident that you are in good
    hands. And when you see your wishes and ideas put to paper, you will hardly be able to
    wait to see it inked on your skin. Sorry Mom.


    Dennis Bebenroth

    Dennis studied Graphic Design at HBK Braunschweig. Even before graduating, he began
    to work as a tattoo artist and to develop a strong passion for traditional, neo-traditional,
    and Japanese tattoo styles. Among other things, Dennis is known for his clean lines and
    his portraiture. He particularly enjoys the chance to help customers create a work of art
    that they otherwise could not create on their own. And with nearly ten years of experience
    there is inspiration for everyone to be found in his diverse portfolio.

    Nina Vahid Kasiri

    Nina impresses with her professional and client-oriented workflow. She loves to design unique neo traditional styled tattoos, as well as fine & clean letterings, and has a special hand in floral and ornamental tattooing.

    In a consultation with her, you can work out your dream motif and ideas together, as well as getting to meet her pleasant person yourself.




    Castor Raubadler

    Castor Raubadler – or rather simply Lars? Who can really tell? What is certain: Lars, from Frankfurt, studied painting at the HBK. During his studies he took an interest in the imagery of traditional tattooing and motifs from classical paintings. He often mixed these two interests, reinterpreting them into his own new contexts. He tries to allow his experiences from his art studies to influence his tattoo work. The end result: a great marriage of humor and fresh ideas.

    Nick Colin Corbett

    Nick is from New Zealand, and just moved to Brunswick. He is an expert in blackwork as well as colored oldschool Traditionals, and works customer-oriented to work out your design ideas. Contact us now to grab a tattoo from him!

    Guest Artists

    Vlad Snitarenco

    Helena Käfer

    Christopher Slapsin

    Christopher comes from Valese, Italy. His graphic and illustration inspired tattoos are absolutely unique in the scene. Save your appointment with this exceptional artist now!

    Rasmus Hoeygaard



    Mo Ehlers

    Mike Youngblood




    Alicja Andersen

    Doro Hoffmann

    Ronny Bitter


    Lars Becker

    Lars Becker is actually working at Black Sheep in Gießen. His bold traditional tattooings have a high black percentage, making them incredibly strong and timeless. So, if you're searching for a ribald traditional with a nice load of music, grab an appointment with this hessian rock!


    Anne Langemann

    Anne will visit us from her Studio Old Rabbit in Nürtingen and is a real happy nature. She tattoos a mandala-inspired designs and is happy to work with your ideas for a piece. Contact the studio by the request appointment button or just come by!

    Edgar Lanz

    Edgar is as well a member of the Bielefeld Halunken - and his portfolio amazes with strong blackwork and clean Mandala inspired designs. Send us an email or come by the shop to get your appointment!

    Marvin Diekmännken

    Marvin from the Halunken is coming from Bielefeld to Sorry Mom! He works with solid, clean Traditionals and is an expert in bringing your ideas onto your skin. Contact the Studio or walk by to get an appointment!


    Carlo Sohl

    Pia Alexandra

    Imrich Kovacs

    Davide and Imrich come from Skin Area Tattoo in Slovakia, and combine Traditionals with psychedelic elements and colors - and the outcome is outstanding.

    To get one of their individual tattoos, contact us or just come by the studio!




    Wasted Happy Youth

    Lucas - alias Wastedhappyyouth works from his private studio in Hamburg, and is visiting us in january to tattoo you his solid traditionals - even though his speciality is rich blackwork, he enjoys working in colors aswell and hopes to fullfil your tattoo ideas - he has some wannados with him as well! Contact us by clicking onto the contact button or come by the studio!

    Dávid Szabó

    Davide and Imrich come from Skin Area Tattoo in Slovakia, and combine Traditionals with psychedelic elements and colors - and the outcome is outstanding.

    To get one of their individual tattoos, contact us or just come by the studio!

    Jascha Leven

    Jascha works at Schwarze Hand Berlin, plans to visit us a few times a year and delievers fresh Neotraditionals in all kinds of colors. To get one of his unique designs tattooed, contact us!

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    You can find the Sorry Mom Tattoo Studio in Braunschweig (Germany) on Güldenstraße 6.


    For more information click here.

    If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment in person, feel free to stop by the Studio on Friday between 10am and 6pm.

    Aside from these times are doors are closed to the public and our services reserved for appointments only. We appreciate your understanding.

    You are welcome to send us an e-mail or, even better, come by the Studio on Friday between 10am and 6pm. That gives us the chance to talk to you about your tattoo ideas and schedule you for an appointment. Of course you call also us anytime at 0531-60187278.

    Wait-times can differ depending on what you and your tattoo artist have in mind. For tattoos that are on the smaller side you can usually schedule an appointment with a relatively short wait-period, whereas you should allow a month or two to plan larger pieces.

    You must be at least 18 years or older to receive a tattoo at Sorry Mom.

    The prices for tattoos vary. Upon consultation with one of our artists you can receive a general price range for your future tattoo.

    Pain varies depending on the region of your body that is being tattooed. In general, tattooing is a rather uncomfortable experience, however one that to this day everybody we know has managed to survive.

    All jokes aside, there is no need to worry. The wonderful feeling of leaving with a unique piece of art on your body is much greater than those moments of pain that it took to created it.

    For short sessions (up to 2 hours) we require a 50€ deposit. For sessions longer than 2 hours the deposit is 100€. At the end of your last appointment this deposit will be deducted from the overall cost of the tattoo.

    In the case that you are unable to make it to your appointment, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise the deposit will no longer be refundable.

    In order to accommodate walk-ins we will occasionally have a “walk-in day”. Walk-in-days always take place on a Saturday. Please check out our website or various social networking sites for updates on when we will be hosting the next walk-in day.

    Unfortunately the chance of an infection or allergic reaction occurring can never be completely ruled out, however, the likelihood of either happening is extremely low. We exclusively use inks that are accepted under the Tätowiermittel-Verordnung vom 13.November 2008 (BGBl. I S. 2215) (A German Federal Tattoo Regulation over the use of tattoo materials). Moreover, Dennis works with the Chayenne-Hawk-System. The system utilizes disposable gun-handles and needles, which prevent the possibility of an infection being contracted.

    It is important to properly care for your new tattoo.

    The best way to care for your tattoo will depend on a number of factors. Your tattoo artist will be able to give you some useful tips. What is fundamentally important is that you keep the tattoo clean and covered with a cream or ointment. During the healing process, which can last two to three weeks, it is important to keep the tattoo relatively dry (no baths or saunas, for instance, but showers are ok of course). A scab will likely develop on top of your tattoo and it important to leave the scab alone. Lastly plan to put any physically rigorous work or sports on hold for a few days after first receiving your tattoo.

    We do have gift cards available at our studio. Make sure to also check out our Sorry Mom Merchandise-Corner, where we also have T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, posters and stickers among other things.

    We regularly have guest tattoo artists from around the globe come and work with us at Sorry Mom. That also means you have the opportunity to get a beautiful tattoo from an international artist right here in Braunschweig.


    Oh and no reason to worry about possible language barriers, we will happily make sure communication is not a problem. For more information click here.

    That is super easy. Simply drop by at your convenience on Fridays or Saturdays between 10am and 6pm or send us an e-mail and we will take care of the rest.

    All deposits can be paid through a money transfer to either Sorry Mom’s Bank Account (Postbank, Hannover, DE69440100460238640464, Dennis Bebenroth) or to their Paypal Account (iam@sorrymomtattoo.de). We ask that you please bring the remaining balance with you in cash.

    Of course! You are welcome to bring whomever you like. We have enough room for the entire family and, if she fancies, even for Mom.


    Location & Hours

    Güldenstraße 6

    38100 Braunschweig


    Opening hours for consulting:

    Friday 10 - 18 Uhr


    Opening hours for tattooing:

    By appointment


    Sorry Mom is located in the center of Brunswick, inside Güldenstraße 6.


    You can find parking spots just on the opposite of the studio, on the edge between Güdenstraße and Südstraße.


    In case you're coming by bus, the Line 413 stops just outside the door. The stop is called Südstraße.

    The next tram station is Europaplatz, you can get there by taking either the M3 oder M5.


    Any more questions?

    In case you still have any unanswered questions, feel free to shoot us a message - we'd love to answer them!



    (Please don't forgot to include your name so we know who you are.)


    Phone: 0531-60187278